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"Autograph Your Work With Excellence"

   Cathy McDaniel - A distinct name in Georgia real estate education and training. 

Expand Your Agenda in 2017!

"Align Your Business Role" with Cathy McDaniel
These days, even the most successful organizations are facing new and unexpected challenges. Traditional approaches to real estate sales, marketing and management that may have worked in a booming economy are no longer sufficient to meet the demands of a changing marketplace. 

Cathy McDaniel prepares real estate professionals to address the demands of a changing marketplace; address today’s complexities to seize new opportunities.  Students in her educational programs gain the latest insights, strategies and tools needed to navigate through uncertain times and position their companies for the next evolution. She has led over 1,000 live continuing education classes and has met over 90,000 real estate professionals since 2007. 

"Continuing Education"
The real estate field has become increasingly complex and the pace of change so rapid that continuing education is a logical step for ensuring that your skills and knowledge stay current and viewed as your commitment to ongoing professional development for your customers and future clients. Georgia and South Carolina CE credits are filed through My CE Class, LLC, Florida CE credits are filed through Walk The Talk Presentations and Tennessee credits are filed through Fearnley, Martin, McDonald Real Estate School. My CE Class, LLC has been approved to teach Grades 6-12 finance literacy through National Endowment for Financial Education in 2014. Today, Cathy serves as the Education Director for Georgia Realty School, Duluth, GA . "My CE Class, LLC" is partnering with Career WebSchool to offer online real estate courses.  

"Knowledge Is Power"
The role of the real estate professional is changing as we move forward into 2017. Continuing education, professional development and preparation are vital to getting ahead, staying ahead and out in front of your competition.  Attending or purchasing one or more of my courses will provide you with tools and resources to stay on top in the industry. All text books, online training and "Helpful Tools" are included with your tuition or purchase. Designation and Certification courses are password sensitive. 

For over 20 years, I have enjoyed working with buyers and sellers from coast to coast in real estate and mortgage transactions. The longer I am in the industry, the more certain I feel that the consumer will require several qualities in a real estate professional today. First, someone they can like and trust. Secondly, creditability; someone who they know has the knowledge, experience and education needed to get the job done! Thirdly, accountability; someone that adheres to a code of ethics, code of care and code of conduct.

"Autograph Your Work With Excellence"
As a strategic partner in education, Cathy's products, distinguished certificates and designations continue to set standards of excellence throughout the real estate industry.  Strategically applied, professional education gives you a competitive advantage and increases consumer and business partner confidence.  Get the most important tools for your business to weather the challenges of today and prosper in the future by attending or purchasing courses that address hot and timely topics.

I am committed to offering a broad selection of topics with superior training, personal service,  and community service at a cost that provides access to everyone while maintaining the highest quality of course content and instructional variety.

I promise:

  • To enhance your professional development
  • To improve the quality of your real estate and mortgage knowledge
  • To inform you of the program changes, latest laws, rules and regulations
  • To keep you up-to-date with current trends, challenges and learn new skills
  • To customize private training programs for your company
  • To provide a flexible schedule of onsite and online educational opportunities

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Cathy McDaniel
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