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This webpage was created for those who have limited time and need the latest industry most up-to-date news worthy information from industry experts.

Each Webinar will provide a downloadable cutting edge material to compliment the recording session.  See below a list of recorded On-Demand Webinars and view the schedule of upcoming live Webinars.

I will be producing Webinars weekly.  If your company would like to structure and schedule a "Lunch and Learn" session, give me a call 404-550-0775 or email:

All recordings and printed material is for educational purpose only and is not a substitution in legal, accounting or other professional services.

our visit to my site today is very much appreciated. My deepest desire is that you can find information that you feel is relevant to what you are looking for and in some way, I have added value to your life and the services that you provide in your real estate business model.  Thank you for the time you spend with me in education which is very much appreciated and supporting, preserving and protecting homeownership. 

For questions, ideas or information contribution to any book, please contact:  Email:

Cathy McDaniel

Live Webinar Events

Date   Handouts Event
10/16/2012    Meeting Material "Dream Home Drive-Buy" Create Your Virtual Tour
10/24/2012   Meeting Material "Branding YOU! Building Your Pipeline
11/14/2012   Meeting Material "HAMP vs. HARP vs. HAFA"
11/18/2012   Meeting Material "Purchasing After a Short Sale, Bankrupty, Foreclosure
We Got This
Meet the Team
Behind the Scene
2014-02-06 09.06 We Got This! Meet the Team Behind the Scene..wmv
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On-Demand Schedule    

Date Handouts Event - Click on Event to be Connected
9/12/2012 Meeting Material "Short Sale Update"
9/18/2012 Meeting Material "Property Management Introduction"
Date Handouts Event
10/3/2012  Meeting Material  Meeting Material "Short Sales - Behind the Scene"
10/3/2012 Meeting Material "Managing REO Property"
10/17/2012 Meeting Material "Working with a Buyer Insterested In an REO Property"
12/5/2012 Meeting Material "QR Codes and Social Media Networks" 
12/12/2012 Meeting Material "Showcase Your Business YouTube and Virtual Tour"
01/09/2013 Meeting Material "Market Realities! Are You Ready for 2013?"
01/23/2013 Meeting Material "The New Short Sale for 2013"
01/30/2013 Meeting Material "The New Government's New Program Rent-Lease"
02/27/2013 Meeting Material  "Housing is Made in America"

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