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Listed below are Cathy's most popular designation courses.  These courses are designed to provide a higher level of specialized knowledge, tools and skills in providing superior services to exceed your clients expectations. Today, you must be in the know, the now and in compliance with various laws and regulations! Consumers want to know that they are hiring a specialist not a generalist. 




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REOS - "Foreclosure REO Specialist" - A comprehensive study in working with banks and lenders regarding their foreclosed properties. Manual includes working with BPOs, (Broker Price Opinion), applying for the REO Specialist position with the bank, managing, maintaining and marketing an REO property, working with a buyer that wants to purchase the REO property plus financing programs to use.

REPM - "Real Estate Property Management - Georgia" - Transfer your real estate skills to property management for single family, 2-to-4 units, condos and town homes. A complete guide that includes laws, rules, regulations, screening the tenant, declining an tenant prospect, selecting the right tenant, eviction, landlord tenant laws and organizing your property management business from A-Z. Many helpful tools and resources.

SSS - "Short Sale Specialist" - The most up-to-date information and guidance in interviewing and qualifying the homeowner and the property, working with loss mitigation policy and procedures, an outline of the traditional short sale, the U.S. Treasury's HAFA (Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative Program), Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's HAFA guidelines, other foreclosure prevention programs, Federal Trade Commission's new MARS (Mortgage Assistance Relief Services), IRS Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act and much much more.


REWB - " Working With Buyers In Short Short Sales and REO Transactions" - Over 85% of today's real estate transactions are short sales and REOs.  Policies, procedures and timeline performance requirements vary depending on the bank or lender involved. Nothing is standard and everything about these transactions are time sensitive.  It's important to understand the difference between the short sale and REO purchase. Skilled real estate professionals will serve as "trusted advisors" and will transfer their knowledge to the buyer to help them make good decisions. Working with lenders, loss mitigation or REO asset management companies will be quite complex compared to working with a local private seller. Your job includes doing whatever you can to ensure that the planned purchase by your buyer will actually close!

BPOS - "Broker Price Opinion Specialist" - This course will provide in detail explanations of the various BPO components.  All data selections in the BPO report must be accurate and clear that supports the value conclusion and there is no uncertainty about the subject, the neighborhood or the comparables.  A BPO is a local function with over 10,000 being ordered daily. Program highlights include over 60 factors that influence property value, completing a superior Broker Price Opinion, (BPO) for a specific property, details in selecting accurate comparables, making adjustments for superior and inferior features, the primary indicators and parameters that  define the market condition  and challenges and solutions to support the proposed estimate of an "As Is" vs. "As Repaired" market value opinion. 

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