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The Save Act - S.1106

Home Energy Efficiency & Mortgage Risk

Energy Star

Improve your Home's Energy Efficiency

Georgia EMCs - Search by County

Remodeling Association of Georgia

HUD Approved FHA 203k Contractors
This is "NOT" a referral List

Certified Living Inspections
PO Box 125 Loganville, GA  30052

Jeff Carter - Home Appreciators
404-433-2315, 770-640-9440

Joel Radgett - RJK Renovations

Troy Williams - ATW Enterprise


James Knight - JT Knight Corp.

Andrew Reibly - AR Services, LLC

Chris Erickson - Evergreen Development Group, LLC

Walter Terry - Georgia Property Builders
770-233-1588-, 404-557-7470

John Rick - Wood Logic

Chris Bates - CT Bates, Inc.

Duey Pfeifer - Pfeifer Building Co. Inc.

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The "Dream Home Cash Challenge" program and my new campaign "Community Cent$" neighborhood outreach program are ready to roll out!

I would love to partner with you in enhancing your listings with a "Dream Home Cash" sign rider, flyer, open house, buyer coupon and helping your buyers see a home on the market today be their "DREAM HOME" renovation cost out of pocket!  

The "Dream Home Cash Challenge" is a great program to implement in your business model today to move more properties and attract more buyers. 

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So, what do home buyers really want?  According the the most recent National Association of Homebuyer's survey, the first answer is energy efficiency.  Four of the top most wanted features involve saving energy:  94% of home owners want energy-star rated appliances, 91% want an energy-star rating for the whole house, 89% want energy-star rated windows, and 88% want ceiling fans. 

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