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The real estate field has become increasingly complex and the pace of change so rapid that continuing education is a logical step for ensuring that your skills and knowledge stay current and viewed as your commitment to ongoing professional development for your customers and clients. 

Cathy's mission is to promote, protect and sustain home ownership.  The role of a real estate professional and loan originator has changed.  You now must act as a counselor, a salesman and be solution oriented with your clients and customers. 

Many new laws and regulations are in place now to protect the consumer. It is critical that real estate professionals and loan origination's work together and be on the same level of education and provide superior services to the community and consumer. 

As a strategic partner in education, community service, solutions, innovated products, distinguished certificates, and designations will set standards of excellence throughout the real estate and mortgage.  Strategically applied will give you and your company a competitive advantage, increases consumer and business partner confidence and community recognition as an advocate in home ownership.  

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For millions of Americans, owning one's own home is a fundamental part of the American Dream.  It's a goal shared equally among all people, regardless of race or ethnic origin. But while the goal is equally shared, the pat to reaching that goal and even experiences once homeownership is achieved, can be radically different.  

At a fundamental level, it is important to understand the characteristics and resources with which each person(s) approaches the lending and homeownership process. Different education levels, higher or lower incomes and varying credit scores all inevitably shape the home buying and homeownership experiences.  

Continuing education classes represents a new era in residential real estate professional development. All classes provides key industry knowledge and advisory sales best practices enabling participants to acquire 21st century-based knowledge and skills in order to build a successful real estate agent business

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Cathy McDaniel
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From one day seminars and quick response training classes to completely customized training solutions Cathy delivers courses in a variety of formats and delivery modes to suit the needs the needs of your organization with personal service at a cost that provides access to everyone while maintaining the highest quality of course content and instructional variety. Cathy  promises:

  • To enhance your professional development
  • To improve the quality of your real estate and mortgage knowledge
  • To keep you up-to-date with current trends and learn new skills
  • To customize your training program
  • To  provide a flexible schedule. Evenings and weekends are available
  • To participate in community service events
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   Blended Educational Strategies for
   Prospecting, Relationship Building        and Customer Retention in 2013

What impact would it have on your organization’s production pipeline if you could launch a new business model for prospecting, relationship building and customer retention? What if you could offer your sales staff a more personalized and effective way to connect and stay engaged with customers and clients without impacting their personal productivity? These are some of the benefits that loan officers are adopting by supporting educational and community outreach opportunities through “Blended Educational Strategies.”

By partnering with My CE Class in 2014, you can provide professionally developed classes either live or by virtual classroom setting that will assist your organization to connect and stay engaged with local real estate professionals, home sellers and buyers to enhance maximum exposure of your services and products within the community you serve. 

Home sellers and buyers today do not want to be sold anything; they want to be educated. In providing educational events is where you really cultivate your relationships, relationships that could lead to business deals and partnerships in the future.

In closing, you are only as good as the company you keep and real estate agents relationships that you keep company can make or break your chances for writing more business by growing your purchase loan volume.

Today, let’s look beyond the traditional recruitment and sale strategies and implement an educational platform as a marketing tool in prospecting, relationship building plus customer retention for 2015.  

Why sponsor a live or virtual training event?

  • Networking opportunities
  • Collaborative learning
  • Interactive learning
  • Relationship building
  • Coaching
  • Be recognized as a subject matter expert

For a comprehensive listing of all available courses and community events through My CE Class, LLC and can be viewed by clicking on “Education Courses". 

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